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Are you looking to learn how to trade and invest in the Indian Stock Markets? If so, Goaled’s Stock Market Courses are sure to give you the guidance you require to be an independent trader and investor.

Become a Stock Market Expert

Through your Stock Market Courses, you are sure to gain a solid understanding of the stock markets and generate a good income.

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Lalit Setpal
Meet the Instructor


Hey! My name is Lalit Setpal and I am a SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) registered investment advisor here to help you meet your financial goals. My SEBI registration number is NISM-201800074073

Get in touch with me to know more about my courses!

Overview of our courses

Our Stock Market Courses Cover the Following

Candlestick Charts

Master the art of reading the candlestick charts through deep study of patterns.

Advanced Indicators

Make use of high-end indicators that increase your accuracy rate.

Entry + Stoploss + Exit

Learn how to correctly enter your positions, and how to go about with your positions.

Stock market courses - Candlestick patterns

Technical analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Company Report Analysis

Learn how to read company annual and quarterly reports like a pro.

Daily News Analysis

Learn how to perceive the day-to-day news to find trading and investing opportunities.

Qualitative Analysis

Learn how to find the hidden gems that are sure to make you money in the long-term.

Intraday trading

Swing Trading

Futures & Options


why choose us ?

Our Stock Market Courses have a 3 step approach


We start right from the very basics to learn all the terminologies of trading and investing.


We then look at real charts and annual reports to conduct practical analysis.


Once you complete the course, you can be a part of our community where you can discuss trading and investing opportunities with other like-minded individuals.

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share market trading was very confusing me for me but now everything is clear thanks to Goaled Stock Market Courses

Tanshu Pradipti

I loved how Goaled teaches all of its share market training courses so well. They make it so easy for us beginners

Gourav Sethi

Amazing stock market courses. I trade every day and am making good and consistent profits.

Maha Puri

The syllabus is so easy to understand these stock market courses are the best.

Shweta Prajapati

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    Common questions

    Goaled's Stock Market Courses FAQs

    There is no such one course that is the best. In fact, half knowledge could cause more harm than good. That is why it is recommended to learn everything about the stock market before putting in any money. That being said, our stock market cover all the aspects and can give you a solid understanding of how the markets work.

    There are many methods for this. You could try learning yourself but this could take a long time even though all the resources are out there. The best option is to get a mentor that has experience in trading and investing and then learn from them.

    Yes! You get to learn a crucial part of live which is investments. Not only that, but you can also learn to create a good and consistent side investment without much risk by trading.

    Yes you can learn stock market on your own. But if you choose to do so, understand that it will be a long and difficult journey as you will have a lot to learn and also face a lot of trial and error. Instead of this, it is always recommended to find a mentor and learn from them.

    The sooner you start the better it will be for you. That way, when you are 18, you will get a headstart at investing as compared to your peers. Parents pushing their children to learn the stock markets is a great decision.

    Our stock market courses start from the basics and makes its way to the advanced level. That way, anyone can start learning. There is no pre-requirement as such , other than a will to learn.

    The best way to learn how the stock market works is by finding a mentor who is capable of teaching the practical concepts of trading and investing in the live market. This is the best way for anyone to learn the stock market.

    Beginners must first learn and practice paper trading. Once they are confident in their decisions, they can open a DMAT account through which they can take trades.

    It can be as there is a lot of noise and an abundance of information out there. Thankfully, we come in here to provide the right guidance and provide a structured format of stock market courses that make it easy for anyone to learn about stocks.

    This will depend entirely on how much time you can give to the stock market. The theory portion of our courses take about 1-2 months to complete, after which you will have to practice in the live markets. That being said, people can gain a good level of expertise as soon as 6 months post course completion.

    The best trading for beginners would be swing trading as it is not as fast-paced as intraday trading, and also the factors behind the price action are fewer. Also, one need not spend all day in front of the screens for this type of trading.

    To invest in the stock market, one does not necessarily need to be a math prodigy, but even a beginner may discover attractive stocks and calculate the potential profits.

    Although it is possible, being a stock market crorepati is not always simple. You don’t have to be rich to make a lot of money investing, but you do need the right approach. It’s easier than you would believe to create money, but strategy is essential for success in the stock market.

    Trading too much, not conducting enough research, averaging your holdings, and relying too heavily on recommendations are some frequent mistakes made by intraday traders. Many day traders have suffered losses as a result of these errors. 90% of intraday traders experience financial losses because of these simple mistakes.